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Elemis Treatments

Please note, some of our treatment times include extra time for consultation and client comfort.

Elemis Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials

Elemis Pro-Definition Lift & Contour£68.00
The most intensive Elemis facial to date

Experience the power of hands-on therapy and cutting-edge plant stem cell technology that delivers super lifting results. Powerful lifting massage techniques help tone and shape facial contours, reduce puffiness and fluid retention. This gorgeous treatment includes a series of 3 different masks including an eye mask to decrease puffiness and dark circles.

Includes eye massage, scalp massage and arm, neck and shoulder massage using the new beautifully fragranced Elemis Amber Massage Balm. Targets jowls and double chin.


Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy£68.00

Exceptional Anti-wrinkle facial with proven results

Clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94% and improve skin firmness by up to 57% after just one treatment. Results in a firmer, uplifted and more youthful looking appearance.


Elemis Superfoods Pro-Radiance£68.00

To revive dull, slackened skin and restore radiance

A perfect pre-occasion treatment. Moisture levels are clinically proven to increase by up to 61% and elasticity by up to 40% after just one treatment. A specialised massage combined with a two phase amino acid active mask helps smooth, firm, plump and restores radiance.


Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel£63.00
For smoother, renewed skin

Advanced resurfacing techniques clinically proven to resurface by up to 75% and increase skin smoothness by up to 32% after just one treatment. This unique treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial scarring and fine lines to reveal younger looking skin.


Time for Men by Elemis

Elemis High Performance Skin Energiser£68.00
For stressed, dehydrated, challenged skins.

The ultimate Elemis facial for men.


Elemis Massage Treatments

Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customised massage. Dynamic blends of essential oils are prescribed to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.

Elemis Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage*£63.00
A whole body massage


This powerful, deep rhythmic pressure massage targets the back, neck and shoulders to alleviate stress, easing aching muscles and revive the senses.

This treatment will work deep into the muscles and as a result may cause some clients soreness or discomfort during or after the treatment, and in some cases may leave a temporary mark or bruise.

Elemis Freestyle Deep Tissue Back Massage*£37.00
For back, neck and shoulders


* For either of the above Elemis massages you can choose from the following blends:

Spirit Reviver
To uplift and re-charge

To soothe and relax

Muscle Melt
To relax tired aching muscles

Chakra Balancing
to reconnect your mind, body and soul

This treatment will work deep into the muscles and as a result may cause some clients soreness or discomfort during or after the treatment, and in some cases may leave a temporary mark or bruise.

Elemis Garden of England Rose Restore£68.00

Add a cleanse and facial massage – £75.00

A truly beautiful full body massage to exquisitely nourish the skin. Using a unique trio of Rose, Camelina and Poppy seed oils to maintain and restore elasticity and a nurturing rose balm to comfort the skin. This treatment is the ultimate relaxtion massage.


Elemis Hot Mineral Body Boost£68.00

A stimulating full body massage to alleviate muscular pain and remove toxins from the body. Using an amber balm to warm and balance the body leaving you feeling energised.


Elemis Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage£73.00
A massage using hot stones, includes an Elemis booster facial

A deep massage concentrating on your legs and back to release tension and soothe aching muscles. A booster facial then follows for deep relaxation and anti-ageing results.

* For the above Elemis massage you can choose from the following facials:

Elemis Superfoods Pro-Radiance
To revive dull, slackened skin and restore radiance

Elemis Pro-Collagen Age Defy

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel
For smoother, renewed skin

Elemis High Performance Skin Energiser
For stressed, dehydrated, challenged skins.

Elemis Pro-Definition Lift and Contour
To lift and firm the skin


Elemis Exotic and Advanced Therapies

Elemis Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub£42.50
Choose from Lime and Ginger or Frangipani

An exotic exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise the body. The fragranced salt of your choice releases toxins and removes dead skin cells whilst the deeply nourishing body oil softens and soothes the skin to perfection.


Elemis Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap£58.00
Choose from Frangipani or Sweet Orchid

This intensely moisturising body wrap replenishes lost moisture levels in the skin and deeply relaxes. A velvety monoi oil is drizzled over the skin to quench and nourish and then you are cocooned to let the oils do their work. This exotic therapy provides ultimate radiance and vitality.


Elemis Thousand Flower Detox Wrap£63.00

Using rich nutrients this powerful detoxification treatment stimulates elimination of toxins and restores equilibrium. Omega rich green tea seed oil is massaged into the skin followed by the Thousand Flower Earth wrap to gently exfoliate. A nourishing green tea balm is applied to leave the skin silky soft and completely re-energised.