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Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young offers a full treatment menu to those affected by cancer, carried out by a specialised therapist who will adapt the treatments according to individual needs.*

Jennifer Young Glowing Facial £63.00

This relaxing facial is blissfully adapted to bring a glow to even the most sensitive skins. Soothing massage techniques on the face and scalp aid relaxation whilst the indulgent products leave your skin with a glowing radiance. Choose from a Hand or foot light touch massage during your facial treatment.


Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage Full Body – £63.00
Back, neck and shoulder – £37.00

Using 100% natural and organic oils this bespoke massage is suitable to suit all skin types and needs. Including a scalp massage, the power of touch is deeply relaxing bringing harmony and well-being to the client. Your therapist can tailor make your treatment concentrating on areas of your choice.


Jennifer Young Top to Toe £124.00

This top to toe experience includes a full body bespoke massage and an indulgent facial for those in need of a complete pamper. A perfect treat to aid sleep and relaxation.


Jennifer Young add-on treatments £23.00

Add a specialised manicure or pedicure treatment to any of the Jennifer Young treatments above. Intensely nourishing and soothing to the skin and nails finished off with a polish of your choice.


* If you have had treatment for cancer in the last 5 years or are currently having treatment for cancer it is essential to inform our receptionist when booking as your treatment will need to be with a specialised trained oncology therapist and is subject to availability on certain days. Currently only available at our Mather Avenue spa.


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage



Practised in India for thousands of years and essential to everyday family life to promote good health, beauty and long life.

Indian Head Massage can offer the following benefits:

• Stimulates hair growth and improves hair condition with the increase in circulation.
• Relaxes muscles and eases tension
• Improves sleep related problems
• Eases headaches
• Soothes nerves
• Reduces sinus congestion
• Induces a sense of calm

Doctors approval will be required for clients with high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes or cancer.


Make up

Full face with strip lashes£25.00

Full face with corner lashes£28.00

Eye make up£15.00



Reflexology Treatment



Reflexology benefits include:

• Reduces Stress
• Improves Blood Supply
• Helps with emotional state, Anxiety and Insomnia
• Boosts the Immune System
• Helps the Digestive System
• Aids Elimination of Toxins
• Revitalises the Body’s Energy


Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish Full Body Massage


A Swedish Full Body Massage using luxurious beautifully fragranced aromatherapy oils. Wonderfully relaxing and soothing.